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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Can you believe this shit?

A high school student in upstate New York was suspended for wearing an NRA T-shirt that touted the second amendment after he refused to turn it inside out or cover the words with duct tape.

If you live in this school district you should be calling and demanding a change of administration.

Friday, January 31, 2014


Ok, here is my opinion on GMO:

I am not sold on GMO products causing health problems.  I think it's possible, but I don't see the evidence.
I see pros and cons and here they are:

Greater food production
More nutrition??? maybe
More resilient plants??? maybe

Non-reproducing crops
Causing pests to become resistant to pesticides/herbicides
Jerk-off companies that start with the letter M suing organic farmers after M plants contaminate the organic ones
Isn't modifying genetics synonymous with playing God?

So basically I don't really think GMO is a good idea.  Apparently General Mills is as confused as myself.
General Mills on GMOs
Cheerios and GMOs

I think maybe you should decide for yourself and grow as much of your own food as possible.
Check out http://www.growyourowngroceries.org/